Eat Me, Drink Me WIP

So yeah…its quite apparent that I’m not a painter but I dabble in it once in a while. I actually like the way this one is going. But I can never achieve the amount of realism I want. Talking with a friend, I’m going to start looking for some online tutorials, as well as try to join in on some classes at the local area arts council on painting, both oil and acrylic.
This specific canvas, I’ve drawn on about 4 different images, with an incredibly loose sketch of Marilyn Manson as the top sketch. Had nothing better to do tonight so these two images are what I’ve done tonight. First is the random “background” stuff I threw in and some quick charcoal sketches of where there are some shadows. Not all of it obviously.

And this is how it is now. I was so focused on the face that I forgot to insert the hand that’s coming out from the cloak (to break up the darkness in the bottom). So once it dries I’ll be going back in to add the hand and fix the left eye (his right eye).
Acrylic on canvas


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