Eat Me, Drink Me + Drapery Frustrations

20 hours into this piece, I think I’ll finally be bringing it to a close this weekend. Minor tweaks here and there, biggest being the drapery on the left side of the painting. Also minimizing the volume of hair on the left side. Some changes to shadowing around the eye on the right.
Biggest problem has been getting the fabric on that side right. And I’ve been trying to do it off the top of my head which was proving difficult. So, I finally got frustrated enough that I ripped the sheet of my bed, called a friend over to drape it over their shoulder, adjusted it to my liking, and took photos at a 3/4 angle view, like I need for the painting.

Anyways, I have printed this photo off and I am off to finish it hopefully. Because I have many other pieces to complete.

Christmas Art List

Panda – for Mandy – 100% completed
Jake – for my mother – 100% completed
Elvis – for my grandmother – 10% completed
Indiana Jones – for Vilma – 0% completed
Rayne – for Stacie – 0% completed
Pearl Studded Gauze – for Laur-chan – 5% completed

And some other miscellaneous people that I don’t know what I’m doing yet for them.



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