Art Goals for 2008/Comissioned!

10 Art Goals for 2008 (no particular order)

1. Slow down/become more patient when it comes to completing projects
2. Complete at least one piece of work per week – portrait, still life, study (any media)
3. Improve in pastels and painting (both oil and acrylic)
4. Get a better sense of color theory/mixing
5. Sketch every day – at least one small thing
6. Try to get at least 5 (paid) comissions for portraits/pet portraits
7. Take at least 2 art classes
8. 100 Themes Project – possibly try to complete all 100, but at least half.
9. Finish Christmas gifts on time and early in ’08
10. Self-portraits – do a few, and one big one for 20th birthday in October

I’ve been somewhat comissioned for a project but I have no idea if I’ll have time to pull it together and finish it. This Sunday, I was approached and asked if I’d do something (paint-wise) on one of the walls in my church’s new project, “The Pourhouse”. Its a coffee shop they’re putting downtown (its in one of the buildings we were trying to get for a tattoo shop, so it’ll feel awkward haha). I have some ideas, but the guy I first talked to said they’d be opening in the 2nd or 3rd week of January, but his sister said they’d be opening Jan 7 or 14th….so I have a really small period of time to do it in. I really really want to, I won’t be paid for it but I’d love to get some of my art out there. So it really depends on what I can do schedule-wise and if Tim gets a job soon.

Anyways, the piece would be rather large (at least 6’x6′, they said they’d provide whatever materials I’d need. But as I said, time is the problem. However, my job’s been cutting back hours (and I get hit the hardest because I’m the newest) so I might actually have time to pull this off. Maybe. Haha.


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