Pourhouse/sAINT updates

More progress done on the hands. I’m semi-aiming to have this finished by this weekend, and hopefully I’ll achieve it. The Pourhouse itself isn’t supposed to open till the last week of January (supposedly), and I’d like to have it in there and on the wall before opening day. After talking with my friend I might be adding a suggestion of a scar or indentation towards the wrists (to represent Christs’ hands), just to give it an extra touch. I’m hoping after work tonight to focus mainly on the cup, because I think that’s part of what’s distracting me from the hands, and we’ll go from there!
(s)AINT is coming along much more smoothly than Eat Me, Drink Me, did. Once I started on the tattoos, I was advised to work more on the skin before I start worrying myself with details of the tattoos. Also, don’t know how it happened, but the position of the eyes is skewed now. If I have time after working on The Pourhouse tonight, I’ll dabble with the skin and eyes a bit more. After that, its really just tightening everything up, the tattoos, and possibly something with the background.


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