Miscombobulated Update

An update! For anyone who reads this!
This is just a big mess of some recent-ish stuff. Some I’ve uploaded random places in scraps, and others I haven’t shown at all. Here’s descriptions/titles in order that they’re shown.
1. lineart for the start of my tattoo flash series. All the skulls will be vampire skulls. As time goes on they’ll become more developed. My favorite part is the spiderwebs.
2. Tribal heart tattoo that I did in the short period of time I worked in Alton, IL.
3. Tattoo I did way back when when I was still working at Kutting Edge. On the ribcage, and looking good.
4. Sketch of XD. I threw the “libra” sign in it just for fun. Done a few months back.
5. Most recent sketch of XD, probably a few weeks old. She’s wearing my cut up AC/DC shirt that I wear to bed.
6. WIP of a portrait sketch of Angela. I know, an eye is off, so are the lips. Keep in mind I’m doing this in a sketchbook, not high quality paper, and with a 2B Mechanical pencil.

Anyways, I have a few more pieces I’m working on, once I’m further into them, I’ll post some WIP’s. Projects include…

  • Acrylic painting of Von and Gabe for Von
  • Acrylic painting of Kazarine for Lauren
  • (s)AINT – I brought that one back with me this time!!!
  • More tattoo flash. Yay.

    Enjoy 🙂




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