Sorry for the lack of updates. In the beginning of April, I went back to IN to gather my things from the apartment, moved into a new one, etc. Lots of craziness. I’m still not in a tattoo shop but I’m considering taking a break for a while to regain myself financially. I’ve felt really unmotivated all around as an artist lately, but am going to force myself back up on my feet. Its the only thing I really enjoy, besides playing with my rats (which I’ve been doing a lot of, lately).

Current Projects

  • painting of Von and Gabe
  • graphite drawing of Caitlyn and Fred
Just going to limit it to two for now. The drawing will go faster than the painting, but I think if I give myself a short list, I’m not as likely to feel so overwhelmed.
Aragorn is likely to pass away in the next 6 months here (he’s getting old, plus his tumor is back ;_; ) so I’m going to try to do a few pieces for him. What medium to use is the question, considering his dark color. I’d like to try a few different types, but we’ll see.

Also, Gabe (rat in painting I’m doing for Von) has passed away since project was comissioned/last update. He was very much loved and is no longer in pain. R.I.P. Gabe ❤

**EDIT** AHH Mother’s Day is coming up! *scours internet for photos of tulips*
I did this for her last year

Mother’s Day Tulips 2007
They were based on a tattoo design, and I should’ve taken a different approach to it, but ah well.
That’s what this year is for! Learning and revising. I’d like to use an actual reference though. I know there’s some good ones out there.


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