100 Themes Project 01. Introduction

Introductions now seem so unneccessary,seeing as by the time you meet, somewhere along the lines, they already know your name, age, location, and maybe more. That’s the thing that makes the internet wonderfully creepy.

Introductions are hard to visualize in a drawing except in the sense of a self-portrait. From my experience, artists agonize more over a portrait of themselves than over one of another. Why? Because we’re vain. We want it to be perfect. Everyone has a visual picture of themselves, and when it doesn’t come out right, you scrap it and start over. Its a special kind of mental photograph of oneself.

What I believe my self-portraits say about myself. At least in this case.

~Some sense of pride – head held up high but not in a condescending way.
~I’m aware of my flaws – I’m overweight but I know how to carry myself. I have a scar on my lip and my hair is usually in disarray. I have a scar where my labret used to be, meaning I know how to let things go when the time is right.
~Flaws are inevitable, but if you focus on the mistakes instead of the big picture, you’ll lose sight of where you’re going and who you are. To avoid these flaws is to deny yourself as a human.
~Sketchy – My character is always building, being knocked down, and built up again, I live a chaotic life in some sense of the term. Usually I can stand up underneath it, but I have friends and family around to help.

What this self-portrait doesn’t tell you.

~My name is Kae (not by birth)
~I grew up a military brat, pretty well off and cared for. I’ve lived in Maryland, California, Maine, Indiana, and Iceland. I’m well travelled and love road trips.
~I became a tattoo artist so I could do what I love for a living. My parents weren’t thrilled in the beginning, but have come to support me 100%.
~I’m loyal to my friends but I still stand up for what I believe, regardless of who you are.
~I’m pro-life, rat lover, sushi fanatic, music freak, and an out-of-shape DDR player. I struggle with my weight and am very self-concious, even though I try to not show it.
~I tend to be very conservative in political issues but don’t voice them because most of my friends are democrat-minded.
~I’m a christian, but with a very bad cussing habit, which I’m trying to work on.
~I like tattoos more than piercings, and actually have a slight phobia when it comes to the anticipation of a piercing.
~I’m not a big fan of children and do not see myself having kids : not just because I don’t like them much, but because I don’t think I’d make a good mother.
~My parents nicknamed me Nikki before I was born.
~I dumpster dive because I can’t afford new things most of the time.~Art has been the only constant in my life. Ever.

Since I’ve put myself out on the line, don’t judge me. Put yourself out there, too.

graphite on sketchbook paper



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