Mother’s Day Tulips ’08 WIP 01 and 02

I’m on fire today/tonight!!!
Here’s the beginning progress of the Mother’s Day gift I’m doing this year.
Have been trying to do tulip-themed artwork every year for Mother’s Day. My mom’s favorite flowers are tulips. Two years ago I did an acrylic painting (posted earlier) based off some tattoo flash that could’ve come out much nicer, but since my mom supports my work so much she’s had it framed and it hangs proudly in her breakfast nook.
This year I’m working on a smaller scale, and with oil pastels. And as an added bonus, I’m starting it a few weeks in advance so that maybe my lazy ass will get it done in time!
Reference image is from the RIL on
Approz 6″x9″ on 9″x12″ bristol board
cray-pas expressionist and holbein student oil pastels (because I’m poor and can’t afford anything better xp)
I’ve been on such an art kick today. I went from nothing to nearly 4 projects in the works, today. The start of Caitlyn and Fred’s portrait, 2 items on the 100 themes project, and now this? I’m going to try to work more on this tonight, but I really need to stop being lazy and not finishing projects *cough*manson/rocky*cough*(s)AINT*cough*Kazi*cough*…everything XD
**UPDATE** 2:36 AM
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