Daily sketching

I need to motivate myself to start sketching daily again, even if its just a page. Sketching from life was probably the number one thing that helped me advance a few years back, and I really need to make it a point to do it more often, i.e. daily. Something I think that hinders me is that when I reach a point in a sketchbook where I think I’m not doing the best sketches, I’m tempted to abandon the book and start another. I’m about 2/3 of the way through my first moleskine sketchbook, and while I love the paper, I’ve not done the best sketches throughout it so far. There’s a few I’m very happy with, but the ones I’m not happy with I detest. I really need to just push past that and just look at the current page I’m working on.

Not many people read this blog really, but I might do a moleskine sketchbook review when I finally finish it. I’d like to have it finished by mid-August at latest, maybe even the end of July. Maybe someday more people will appreciate my art enough to follow an art blog XD



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