Von and Gabe WIP

Hokay, so. I’m actually making some progress on this now. I’ve put on about 10 layers on her face because apparently I suck at painting skintone. I’m not really focusing on anything else besides her face right now. Once I’m happy with that I’ll move to her sweater, then the couch in the background. I think I might even eliminate the couch and just make the background all black. Or something like that. I know the left side of her face is a bit wide still, I’ll be fixing that soon enough. I was happy with the eye that’s finished (for the most part), and I’m just going to have to work small and patiently. I need to learn to sit down, block everything out and do comissions because I’m lucky that this particular one didn’t have a due date x_x;;

A little more progress in the evening.


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