The above is what I left the painting of Von and Gabe at for, well, months. Because I’m a lazy bum.

And then I got a sudden burst of creative intuition the other day and did this. I didn’t like the expanse of skin (even with layers it’d look too flat) so hair was necessary. I’m tired of trying to paint the couch in the background, so we just made it black. LIEK MAI SOUL. No. Just, because it looks better.
Has much more to go. Little by little, getting it done. I fail at commissions and time-frames >.>;;

SPEAKING of commissions *haha*, the same guy that asked for The Pourhouse painting has approached my roommate and I for another painting. Same size (120″x80″) but is actually going to give us time *gasp* to do it. He won’t have money for another couple months but I have a sketch ready for him. That could potentially be a good moneymaker 😀 Plus will give me another challenge.


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