untitled (as of yet) WIP

I’ve come to terms with my artwork that it rarely starts off as anything and generally just vomits onto whatever surface I’m working on. SO. My mom got me these big panels, I think they’re 3’x4′ but I’m not sure, been too lazy to break out a ruler. Besides the point. There were 4 of these and my mom found them for free. They’ve been sitting in her garage for months and months and today I decided to finally do something. Since I’m here doing laundry and such, anyways. I think its nice once in a while to do my artwork outside of a studio space, it makes me improvise. I showed up here with no ideas and my paint box. Propped this up on top of a piece of cardboard on top of a plastic shelf, threw an old shower curtain behind it and….BLARRGHH. There it was.
Um…yellow. So, my last painting I did (working on, not finished, because I do that a lot) had quite a bit of yellow in it and it DID NOT SHOW UP. Which made me quite angry so I made the dominant color here…yellow. I don’t have any particular destination for this one…just letting it form on its own. It may not end up in this same position, either. I’d like to think I’m trying to keep it in theme with a couple of items from the “100 themes project” that’s on the right side of my blog, but we’ll see. They never end as they start soooooooooooooo I’m going to stop babbling and go now.
Oh yeah, its acrylics, as usual.




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