nighttime ramblings

I enjoy painting at night. Reasons? End of the day…not waiting for a time when I have to leave and -can’t- paint anymore, relaxing atmosphere. However, tonight, I’m not able to find the motivation. I have SO many paintings laying around unfinished, and I can’t find the will to pick up a brush tonight. Hoping its just tonight though, because I seem to be on a roll otherwise. I think I may try heading to bed in the next half hour or so and wake up around 8, and paint until I have to leave. I’ve noticed the last couple days, if I paint before work (even though I wasn’t having to be there until 4pm), knowing I had to put the brush down gave me motivation to do SOMETHING so that I could say I did something productive before hauling my ass off to work. Even though it then had a “deadline”, I enjoyed the challenge of seeing what I could accomplish before I had to leave. Blahblahblah just wasting space. Off to sleep so I can come up with ideas to start finishing these projects spread throughout my room.




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