Art and Fear

“Art and Fear”
24″x48″ oils on canvas

Art isn’t about experience.
it’s about expression.
I don’t do it for anyone else but
Degrees and age have no factor
in determining what the paintings
mean to
Art is about overcoming fears
of inadequacy
and affirming confidence in one’s

While I didn’t whole-heartedly believe it, my ability as an artist was recently challenged and demeaned out of spite and resentment in an argument with someone I removed from my life.
I will never claim to be a better artist than another person, regardless of my experience or lack thereof, but I also do not believe that art is something to be judged in light of “better” or “worse” than another piece. One person’s creative abilities are so unrelated and different from any other that comparing pieces in those terms is pointless.
I felt the same in this situation.
However, when something is said about a passion of yours, especially one that’s just gaining confidence in itself, the mind will do one of two things. Either, 1. It will rebel and spew out evidence that said judgements are false, or 2. It will further settle in the insecurities about that thing.
I’ve been in a horrible art block for the last month or so because of these comparisons, and I seem to have pulled out of it in the last couple of days, but this is the only completed piece.
I will throw this out there and say that the person who said these things about me is indeed a magnificent artist, and I wish I had had the opportunity to learn from her. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t have wanted to learn the traits of putting another artist down out of spite and hatred.

End rant, enjoy šŸ™‚
Kae Lunde



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