The moment I make a post about being more on top of this, internet decides to not cooperate for a few weeks, and here I am again. Here’s some updates from the last couple weeks of what I’ve been up to!

Recently, I quit my day job (Quiznos) and I’ve never been happier/more terrified in my life. The place made me miserable, but at the same time, it was a reliable source of income. I’m giving a go at the whole artist’s life right now, relying mainly on my tattooing at Xenographics and painting/dream catcher sales. Its been slow so far, but I see signs of promise. Never know what you can do until you dive into it headfirst, yeah?

First piece below is something I completed yesterday. I haven’t done many animal paintings, and I snapped a couple cute photos of my cat, Cali, on my phone the other day. While looking around for inspiration, I came across the photo and decided to give it a try. I think for quick movements and trying to keep this piece loose and sketchy, it came out very well. I’m very happy with the results on this piece and it now hangs above my bed.
acrylics on canvas 11″x14″

In the midst of frustration in lack of finding inspiration, I threw this piece together. Before it was even completed, I put a WIP of this up on facebook and it exploded with comments!! People wanted me to be done with it! I was a bit overwhelmed. How can I spend hours, days, months on a piece that gets a “like” and I put 30 minutes into a “whatever” painting and people love it? Haha, ah well. It got me moving, did its job, and got some attention, so I suppose it served its purpose!!
“Heart’s Reflection”
acrylics/spraypaint on canvas 16″x20″

In my series of dream catchers, this is actually the second of its kind. I have done a couple (and plan to do more) pieces that are themed for breast cancer awareness. Each of these pieces are being sold for the normal price ($35) but $5 of the sale on these will be donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.
“Hope” 10″ round

This piece was fun to do. I was going for a more natural look along the lines of Serenity and Autumn Zen. The wood grain was fun to paint and this piece held my attention in ways my other pieces haven’t thus far, for some reason.
“Against the Grain” 10″ round



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