WIP and Blazing Gems

Hello all!

I woke up this morning in a good mood. Being successful in my to-do list from yesterday had me in high hopes for the day. I’ll admit I relaxed most of the morning away (morning for me is approx 11am), but I know that I get my best work done 4pm and on. I didn’t start working today, however, until nearly 5. But, I think that I’ve gotten a fair amount done today, and I’ve already crossed off my items for the day.

I had to put this piece to the side for nearly a week…the grapes on the bottom portion were frustrating me so badly that I wanted to just knife the canvas. While I know I need to get these projects done in an orderly fashion (and on time), I decided the best thing to do was to just take it off my easel for a week and come back to it with a fresh look. I’m really glad I did, because I was able to approach it differently. Applied the base color for the wine bottle/glass for when I work on it next.

Acrylics on canvas 10″x20″

Very simple dream catcher piece that I did today. Background was done completely in spray paint, and this is the first piece done this way. I like the simplicity of it. I used a “cherry-brown” colored string this time, made of hemp. I don’t like this string as much because it knots extremely easily, making the constant pulling a nuisance sometimes. Once I got the initial knot out, it was fairly compliant for the remainder of the session. I have a little more of this kind of string, but once its gone, I’m sticking with my beloved waxed linen for these.

“Blazing Gems”
10″ round
This piece is available for sale on my Etsy (see links on left side)

Well, I’m off to poke around on some forums. Good evening, everyone!

Kae Lunde

(btw, I have officially posted more entries this year than any other year since I started this blog, which is awesome!!)



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