My New Years’ Surprise…

Not art related today, sorry!

I’m probably one of the last people that anyone would’ve ever expected to hear this kind of news from, but I am proud to announce…

…that I am PREGNANT!

I went into a family health clinic on Tuesday after waiting 2 weeks to take a pg test so I could get back on depo provera. To my surprise, the woman walked back in with a test strip reading positive. She did a second test, positive again. I took a home test the next morning, and the line was faint, but it was definitely there. I didn’t know whether to get excited yet or not, and my friend bought me a digital. I was scared at that point that it’d read negative, because I had become hopeful already. It read positive and I cried tears of joy. I never thought I’d get this chance.

Raine is still digesting it some, I think. He has been told his entire life that he can’t have kids. That it was a 99.9% chance he couldn’t have children. The only explanation : a MIRACLE!! We’re both scared, but I’m hopeful as to what this new change in our lives could bring. The thought of being a mother is still terrifying, but if this were to ever happen, this is the man I’d want it to be with.

Many people think this is an explanation to my nightmares, headaches, and cramping I’ve had for the last few weeks. On Monday I’m going to start pursuing getting myself on Medicaid and WIC so I can get into a doctor and hopefully get a better idea of how far along I am.

I’m off to do some research and prepare myself to be a mother…ohh its scary saying that!!!



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