First Art Exhibit ; Candy Coated Chaos

I am pleased to announce that my work will be featured for the first time in an exhibit alongside many other talented artists!

On April 22nd, there will be an exhibit/silent auction in support of Middleway House and Committed to Freedom Ministries. I might not be putting much up in the way of the silent auction, but we shall see. If I can quickly find a place that will do prints I can donate some prints, for sure.

I’m so proud/nervous. My work will be up along with other Bloomington artists that I admire greatly, such as Chris Borchik, Catie Taylor, Joe Masek, Adam Nahas, and many more. I’m just so honored! I’ll be taking plenty of pictures and displaying them here.

I’ve only ever had my work displayed in the halls of my studio’s building or at high school art shows, so I’m a little more than ecstatic!!

Kae Lunde



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