More Green and Collaboration progress

So, as with many of my paintings….I really have no direction or idea what I’m doing with this one. I procrastinated for a few days until I finally just put more paint on. I have a couple ideas on how to push it forward but on pieces like this (unplanned) I tend to just mess around until I actually have a vision of how to complete the piece.

I’ve even had some people ask me what the hell I’m doing with it, to which I’ve had to say “I have no fucking clue.” Honesty is a precious commodity these days, I have no motive for lying about my complete lack of reason for throwing green paint all over this panel, haha.

This beauty is the result of the first session of a collaborative painting with a friend of mine, Catie Taylor. Long story short, the building in which my tattoo studio resides is under some pressure, as the building is being auctioned off on Friday, meaning (me and the other tenants’) businesses are in jeopardy of not having a location. I may have figured a solution to this already, but that is beside the point. We enjoy where we are and don’t really want to leave.

Our concept is grounded energy.

On the outside of the building there is a carved peacock, which we never really noticed until last night. The background is supposed to ultimately look like a stormy, tumultuous sky. This photo just shows the base colors, we will be finishing the details (tonight, hopefully). It will be very intricate. There will be golden foot prints rooting into the ground below the peacock, and a crystal hanging from a thread out of the peacock’s beak, or in place of the eye, we haven’t decided that one yet.

This has been my first collaborative piece with another artist and it has been interesting so far. She pointed out something that was dead on. I think we both expected certain pieces of this painting to be very…one or the other. One would be able to distinctly tell who did what part, but because we are taking such a different approach to this piece, its completely new to the both of us, not really being in the style of one person or another. I think it has some properties that will most certainly be pertained to one or the other though, I tend to include a lot of circular motion in my work, which is how the ground/peacock shape is coming along. She uses rootwork and a lot of 3D media on her paintings, which is coming through with the gold flakes/dirt we’ll be using on the ground and the crystal. I’m even thinking of swinging by hobby lobby to pick up a few peacock feathers, just to see if we can incorporate them somehow. We’ll see what she thinks tonight!




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