“It feels as though when I want to be creative, that I’m frozen in fear by the blank-ness of not only the canvas, but my mind as well.”
I don’t have much to say on this update I suppose. I -did- manage to finish a dreamcatcher I was commissioned for a couple days before my son was born, but otherwise I’m feeling a little stuck. Maybe because I don’t have a lot of time to clear my mind and just…go, anymore. I sit in front of the easel and there’s just nothing. “Nothing” may be a little far, I’ve been doodling again and working on some tattoo ideas since I am getting clients back in the chair after my hiatus. Maybe just nothing “big”. I have a decent amount of canvas at the moment and there’s really no reason as to why the paint sitting in the toolbox next to my easel isn’t on canvases. Blah.
I realize this update is a bit depressing. But hey…I drew something, and I managed to update this blog.


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