Ariel – Pin-up Style!

 I meet with a small group of friends that have become my family on most Wednesday nights. None of us have a lot of money this year, so instead of getting everyone gifts, we drew names in a secret santa style for gifts this year.

The friend I drew loves mermaids, disney princesses, and the like. Well…you know that if you put the potential of anything with skin in my hand, that its going to turn into a tattoo-style piece!

I decided to take Ariel, turn her into a pin-up, and adorn her in tattoos! I have never drawn any of the Disney princesses, so I did have to do a lot of image searches on Google. So, I took some ideas from their drawings and mashed it with my own style!

 What’s important to Ariel? Well…Sebastian, Flounder, saving her friends, and…Daddy!!  A trident laying over a heart with a banner reading “Daddy” adorns her upper arm.

Lower arm is a koi fish, to be colored in Flounder’s likeness. A tribal-esque crab on her upper abdomen.

The octopus is supposed to be Ursula, but there was no way I was getting that much detail in. I was already using an 01 Micron to get the tattoo details!

After I colored her, I added a couple music notes below her eye for her love of music.

I was really happy with the detail put into this piece…and was a little worried about ruining it with color. But I digress…

 Once I started adding watercolor to her hair, I realized that the ink I drew her with was running with the water! S#*T!!! Did not make me happy. However, the way it bled together made it look like a crazy dye-job, and I liked the way it looked with the tattoos and jagged look, so I went with it.

Not wanting to disturb her skin with running ink, I approached the rest of her with colored pencil. I was able to get the background and ocean floor done with watercolor without ruining the image. I am very pleased with the result!

I can’t wait to give this piece to her.

“Ariel Rebels”
Watercolor, ink, and colored pencil on watercolor paper

Close up of details


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