Not-So-Distant Generations

I was approached a few days before Christmas with a commission for a friend’s mother. I was brought photos of a grandmother that has passed on, and a great-granddaughter that she never met. I was asked to put them together in one image as a present to her mother.

I’ll admit, upon sitting down with the images, I feared I had taken on too big of a challenge. I just started doing free-hand portraiture last year, and last year was the last time I did anything like that. Now, there’s 2 faces? I was a little frustrated as I crumpled sketch after sketch. My amazing husband gave me some words of encouragement before I slinked back into the bedroom to give it another go. Lo and behold, I finally got the positions right. Proud to say that this is freehand, no tracing, no grids, just my eyes.

I was pleased with the results, but knew I wouldn’t have complete satisfaction until I knew the client was happy. I met her tonight and she loved it, to my relief and happiness.

I was honored to be a part of making this memory for the family.

Getting past the hurdle of having not done portraits in a while has inspired me to do more. I’d love to do one of my son. Now…to find the time!

Merry Christmas, everyone šŸ™‚


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