The Censor

I have been very neglectful to my inner artist as of late, and its affected me on a deep level. I’ve becoming fearful, hesitant, not myself.

I’ve been reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron (or re-reading, rather), and she suggested an exercise that I did not do the first time I read through it. She suggests identifying your inner censor in the manner of turning them into a physical entity.

I envision The Censor in my life to be rather frail in appearance…I starved her for so long, I neglected everything discouraging about my art and she was nearly non-existent.  She has strung herself back together and started to try to flesh herself back out as of late with her constant questioning, degrading speech, lethargy, anger. She’s dirty, drips with frustration, discouragement, and a lack of direction.

I needed to come face to face with her. Even if producing work about a negative thing in my life is what is takes to get me to do art…then so be it. Everyone, meet my Censor.

acrylics and sharpie marker on canvas



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