Extermination and Re-Awakening

Dalek from Dr. Who tattoo done a couple weeks ago.

I didn’t get a lot of work done in the last week or two for a couple reasons.
1. GEN-CON (I’ll get back to this)
2. I lost my wallet. Yep. ID’s, debit cards, cash, medical cards, everything gone. Talk about bad news. Worst part was it was 2 days before Gen-con.

I was able to access my bank account to get what money I had in there and my ID re-ordered (I now have my ID and a new card), but it was still unnecessary stress. It makes me realize how unorganized I’ve been to have left my wallet behind. I’m about 99% sure I left it in my cart when I returned it to the corral at Wal-mart, guessing someone pulled the cash and dumped it :/

Raine and I have been discussing a more generalized group for the Bloomington area in regards to tabletop. A place to discuss games, ideas, organize games and meetings, etc. I took some time to draw up a little logo for our project. I think BIT will turn into something productive.


I used to do a lot of fantasy art (back when I did almost exclusively anthro art), and I miss it. Going to Gen-Con and seeing all the artist has re-awakened the fantasy artist in me, so expect to see a lot more art work related to that in the future. My art has always been kind of all over the place, so I’m wondering if I needed to come back to my roots to find my niche.

I don’t know if I’ll get back into “anthro” art, per se, though. I can see a lot of half human half animal creatures coming up in my art, but I don’t know that I’ll delve back into that realm. Mostly because I prefer to not be associated with “furries”, but I also don’t want to be restricted to that kind of genre.

I suppose we will see where all of this goes. 🙂



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