Returning to Blogger

I know I don’t have many followers, but for those of you who do keep up with this blog, my apologies for not updating here, or even making an announcement. I moved to a new site and had imported this blog. I think for the moment, I will be remaining here until I decide what to do with my .com hosting.

Rather than flood your feed with updates I made on my other site (as there were only 8 posts, but lengthy), I will add photos of what I’ve done with brief recaps. Sound good? Good, because that’s what is happening.

This is not the final photo, but a progress picture of a drawing that I finally finished. I had started this for a friend, then lost the finished piece. Nearly drove myself mad looking for it (which I still haven’t found, wondering if it got accidentally thrown out during the moving process), so I just started over. And honestly, it looked better the second time around, so that’s nifty.

One of my goals for 2013 was to sketch daily, ar at least 5 days of the week. So far, so good! Even if its just a little doodle, I’ve gotten it in, and I’m very glad about that. It feels good to be that productive.

 My friends ask me to sketch strange things. But I love them. I’m not at a place where I understand the reference, but its Doctor Who related. And anything Doctor Who can’t be bad, so here you go. A banana with a fez.

The holidays went well, I added to my gaming collection with a few new board games, and some card games. Christmas with a kid is so much better than without, really. Seeing his face was just wonderful. Munchkin got a lot of stuff, including Elmo stuff. Sesame Street has become a staple in the Hutchens household. But hey, it could be worse. A whole LOT WORSE.

 I’ve been playing a lot more with my personal style (both in illustration and tattooing), and the results are making me happy. Granted, I throw out a lot of drafts, and keep even more, before I come to final draft that I can deal with. But, that’s all part of the process.

And those miniatures from the last post here? I started playing, and I love it. Not only that, but I’ve got new battle groups that I am painting, so expect another post on miniature painting in the near future as well. It is so time consuming but worth the wait.

I attended a small arts and crafts fair with my mom in November, though I certainly wasn’t prepared. The night before, I produced a large selection of inked papers with black ink drawings on top. I only sold a couple of them, but I really enjoyed doing them. Most of them took less than 6 minutes (the drawing aspect anyway)

After about 7 weeks, we were able to move out of my parents’ basement and into our new house. We have room for gaming, and I actually have a small space dedicated to my art. I’m up to my ears in projects, and in the next week or two I’ll start knocking out the final products and will be sure to share them with you all.

Lastly were the results of some playing I’ve done with making little dragon sculptures out of polymer clay, and adding gaming dice to them. I did these mostly for Christmas gifts, but I may play more with them in the future.

I’ve been playing a lot more Magic : The Gathering lately. I’m certainly not the best player out there, but I enjoy it (except for when I get royally land screwed and end up in a blubbering mess on the couch, but that is a post for another day).

Okay so…I know this post is jumbled, but it will straighten out. Be sure to look out for future posts that will be more focused soon!



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