When my friends told me I needed to watch Doctor Who, I corrected them and said that they -wanted- me to watch Doctor Who. It wasn’t something I needed in my life. However, as time passed and I finally sat down and brushed away the figurative dust on the series after it sat in my Netflix queue for what seemed like forever, I stood corrected.

I NEEDED to watch Doctor Who.

There is a lot of silly nonsense in the show, there’s no doubt about that. But there are so many hidden treasures in the show and dreams to be chased.

When people started approaching me for Doctor Who tattoos, I was kind of skeptical. What show could really touch people THIS deeply. Once I fell into the Doctor’s world, I understood.

This is the latest piece I did, a Tardis on my friend’s foot. She’s the one who got me to watch the show via threatening bodily injury verbal convincing, and I’m oh so glad that she did.

While I’m the first to come forward and admit that I am tactically avoiding watching past season 4 because I know that David Tennent will go away, I won’t be able to stay away for long. I’ll jump back in soon.




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