Who’s Yer Con…and More Miniatures

 Last weekend, I attended a local gaming convention with my husband and 2 of our friends. Who’s Yer Con was a lot of fun, and I walked away with a lot of swag, especially considering I got most of it for free. I’m a sucker for free stuff.

Represented I : T and even got an interview with the creator of True Dungeon, which makes me that much more excited for it and for Gen Con in general. We got approved for press badges this year, too! That coupled with our first game mailed to us to review, we actually completed our 2 big goals for the YEAR in the first 4 months of operation. We are pretty excited about that, as you can imagine!

 I HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED MY CRYX BATTLEGROUP. I will learn one day to work on these guys one at a time, and to solidify my color schemes before messing up 3 out of 5 of them before changing my ideas.

Anyways. Painted, bases done, ready for destruction.

My next battlegroup is Retribution of Scyrah, and I’m even thinking about trying the paint-before-assembly method. I may just try it for one miniature and see how it goes, then make plans to follow suit or not from there.

OH HEY. The Hobbit minis I was agonizing over last time? I put a lot of focus into assembly the next day and I actually assembled everything else in one day…because I’m kind of crazy like that.

I’m thinking that I may try to focus on learning to play this one before I worry about painting them, because -that- will be the true struggle. I suppose that it is not entirely necessary to paint them…but I do stuff like that. I couldn’t leave Mice and Mystics alone either.

So much to do, and just trying to find time to do it all.

Until next time!



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