Stuff and things

How is everyone doing?

I’ve been keeping busy with Initiative : Tabletop and other average things you’d expect a domestic goddess to be up to. Haha “domestic goddess”. Anyways…

I haven’t been incredibly busy at the studio lately, but wanted to share my most recent piece. I found it peaceful and I was pleased with the results. I like doing work that is outside my previous experience as far as design/style, and this tattoo based on Hanafuda gave me that happiness.

 A short while ago I posted the first gaming-based card box that I painted for the owner of a local game store. The day I handed over the finished product, I was requested to do another one, and here is the result.

I like all things tabletop…I really do. However, Netrunner is just not my game. I can be self-sufficient in a game of Catan, get ahead in Lords of Waterdeep, even pull an immense beatdown out of a game of Magic the Gathering, but Netrunner isn’t for me. I spent more time with the box for design ideas than I had trying to play the game!

And this…

I started this painting ages ago, soon after I finished Art & Fear. I don’t remember which one, but a project came up that made me push this piece off to the side and it was forgotten about for a long time. By the time I found it again, I was pregnant and had given away my oil paints, so I never really knew if I’d complete it.

I rediscovered it in the shed this weekend and made a few finishing touches with black acrylic (because I can, that’s why), and called it finished. Started back in 2010, finally finished in 2013. Talk about procrastination!

Until next time 🙂



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