E.D.H. Magic Games and A Satisfactory Win

…I like cats. I really do. I’m the special type of person that will turn into a crazy cat lady, even though I have a child and husband.

Neko and Ajani

Neko and Ajani

While helping my husband search for a card in our large supply of White cards, I laughed and jokingly mentioned that I should make a new E.D.H. deck that was strictly…cats. Though it sounded like a crazy idea, he actually supported the idea.

So, my quest began for my mono-white cat deck. I chose Kemba, Kha Regent as my commander and went from there. While there are still some cards I’d like for the deck, it is doing its job as it is right now. In addition to many cat beasts, soldiers, and leonins, there is a plethora of artifacts and enchantments.Normally I stick with Izzet or Gruul when it comes to E.D.H., so making a mono-white threw me off a bit.

Anyways, I had given the deck a few runs, and while it performed the way I had hoped, I had not had a victory. A few nights ago, I sat down for another E.D.H. game against my husband’s newly constructed Aurelia red/white deck, and our friend Jesse’s Dimir deck. I was happy that I was able to keep the Aurelia deck on lockdown for a while until suddenly…Jesse dropped Traumatize.

Eff a whole lot of Traumatize. That card makes me want to flip tables. So, half my deck goes to the graveyard, and all I can think of is revenge. On my next turn, I draw Roar of Reclamation. I take another look at my new graveyard, and think that this might work out after all! Aurelia gets all buff with protection from white, Jesse’s turn comes around again and you’ll never guess what happens. He drops Sins of the Past. To Traumatize me. AGAIN.

[If you’ve ever played a game with me and done something to piss me off, go ahead and picture my “you’re fucked” face here]

I reached to draw, a land. Sweet. Drop land, and play Roar of Reclamation. Suddenly, 16  artifacts come flying out of my graveyard and immediately into play, and I might actually have a chance at this.


A couple swings later, blow up some enchantments that protect Aurelia, and one player down, I might have a victory in sight. Problem is, I have 15 cards left in my library and an opponent who’s key mechanic is milling. Surviving another turn of milling and watching his available mana diminish, my turn approaches. Detaining his commander with Martial Law, I strategize my next moves.

A couple choices here and there to determine my best route of action. At this point in this game, I have 10 2/2 Cat token creatures on the field, and combined with Coat of Arms, gives Kemba quite a pump. The milling creature tapped, and the big nasty detained, his Jace’s Phantasm could do something…IF KEMBA WASN’T UNBLOCKABLE.


And that is how I smashed my opponent with an unblockable 66/66 Cat Cleric.

…and it will probably be the only time I get away with it.



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