Full Mice And Mystics Miniatures Set Painted



A while ago I finished the playable character mice for the Mice and Mystics board game. I finally got around to painting the enemies, and I’m glad to be done with them. (This is going to be largely a cross-post from my article on Initiative : Tabletop.)

I don’t hate creepy crawlies as much as some people I know, but painting them to look as realistic as possible makes them a bit more intimidating (not to mention causing a slight panic when others enter the room to see them on the table). I was especially satisfied with how the spider came out, considering that the stripes across the legs were initially an error I had made, but it worked out in my favor.  Several black/dark red washes over these characters made them stand out as I had hoped, and I am anxious to play the game with the completed miniatures.

My current predicament now is the best way to preserve these miniatures over the course of time. I’ve even considered purchasing a new set of miniatures from the PHG Store to keep in the game box and use for playing, while keeping the painted miniatures on display. I probably won’t go through with this idea, but I think that many painters consider this at some point in their life!


I’m pleased with the results, and am hoping to do more miniature painting in the near future 🙂

Kae Hutchens



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