To Better Oneself


I believe that the more roles that a person takes on in life, the harder it is to care for yourself.

Mother. Wife. Writer. Artist. Tattooist. Daughter. Sister. Gamer.

It is difficult for me to find time for myself in between all of that. I do believe that is why my weight has spiraled out of control yet again. I am making sure to set time aside for myself now to pull that back in. I’ve noticed though, without taking some time for myself, both physical rest, spiritual rest, and psychological rest, drastically affects those other roles in my life. And I know I owe it to myself and to those around me to take care of myself so that I can be my best in everything else.

I’ve been finding more time to read, which is something I don’t do as often as I’d like. I’m almost done with Christie Golden’s The Shattering, a book set in the World of Warcraft. Once I am done with that, I may re-read Art & Fear (highly encourage this book to artists of any type). I have a large stack of un-read books on my shelves, and I need to reduce that number. I know that we’re pretty far into the year already, but I’m hoping to read 10 books by the end of 2013. Its not like I don’t have the resources in my own home, not to mention the library.


I’ve been happy to combine my love for gaming and art with paintings of dice, painting my stock of miniatures, and all around fantasy sketches, because I feel that these interests and roles are not so far apart. Games inspire me, and my art gives me new insights to my games. It all gets rolled together at one point or another.

I just wanted to jot some of these things down to share, and I think I will log off for a bit, make a hot cup of tea and see about finishing The Shattering.




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