Reviewing Games And Sore Legs


Well, this week has dragged on yet raced by at the same time. Don’t know if it was that way for everyone or not!

I want to throw it out there that it took a lot of work to get to where we are, but writing for a tabletop gaming website and being given the opportunity to review games for these big companies is effing awesome. Speaking of, finally got to play The Lord of the Rings : Deck Building Game. Everyone tells me its a re-skin of the DC Deck Building game, but with everything fixed. I didn’t play the DC DBG because I’m not a big DC fan (don’t kill me), but LOTR DBG is great. We even talked about deck building games on our most recent podcast!

Terra Mystica…seriously, its like the super deluxe version of Catan! Probably one of my new favorite games. I like competitive games, but appreciate having some games that don’t cause you to be intentionally screwed over by your opponents. Also, will be playing Ascension : Rise of Vigil soon. Heard so much good stuff about that game and I’m anxious to get it out on the table.

Been much more active lately, but I complain write about all my weight/health stuff on another blog to not bore people that don’t care about my lifestyle changes, haha.

Anyways…just wanted to get a quick update in. Hope everyone is doing well!



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