Yellow Headphones Are Cool


I keep avoiding this blog because I’m lazy I’m never quite sure what to tell the webiverse. At least the few who stumble on this blog. I’ve thought about vlogging, but again, unsure as to what to talk about. So today is a clusterf*ck, you’ve been warned.


Inner Peace – Acrylics on Canvas 11″x14″

Finally broke out my painting stuff tonight after a long period of avoiding the easel as well. Keeping in tune with my commitment to take care of myself from the inside out, today’s experimental paint mash is a version of what my mind’s eye sees when I think of inner peace. Lots of meditation and self-reflection has happened in my life as of late, which has transcended onto many other aspects of my life, and certainly for the better.

I’ve got a lot of drawings and paintings that are at my fingertips, I’m only awaiting the chance to let them flow. It will be chaos if I ever get a long period of time without distractions or other obligations. Beautiful, colorful, delicious chaos.

GAMEZ. Got a chance to play Ascension : Rise of Vigil finally and reviewed it for I:T. The game is really good, though Raine (my husband, for those joining late) didn’t like the Energize ability that is new in the game, but its possibly because I dominated the game with it. Also got in a preview of a game that I’m excited about that I’ll be posting a sneak-peek preview post for later this week.

Been wearing my Izzet shirt a lot lately, and am itching to play some EDH, and I intend to make time once our massive pile of things to do dwindles a little bit. I’ve also been missing playing Warmachine and Hordes, as I’ve still yet to give my Cryx battlegroup a chance to deal their destruction. Soon, friends. Soon.

And the last bit of super exciting news in the world of Kae is that I will soon be dabbling in being a GM for a Pathfinder campaign. We have been entrusted to provide reviews for some of the books from the Reign of Winter campaign, and I think that I’d be best to start off with a guided adventure before I create a homebrew game. I’m pretty anxious to get this game started. So far we have a half-orc Fighter, a halfling Sorceress, and an elf Rogue. Hoping the last player chooses heals, or they’re going to have a rough time!

I will be aiming to be more on top of this blog, but if you want assured frequent updates, just follow me on Twitter. Rumor has it that I spend way entirely too much some time on there.



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