Studio Time Is Me Time. So Where Do I Find It?


UGH, typos. Whatever, the pie is right.


Even though I don’t have time to dedicate 90% of my day to my art like I used to, I still manage to find ways to fit in creative sessions. My life used to be about working, art, and, well, my cats. Now I am a gamer of both PC/Console and tabletop, mother, wife, artist, blogger, and more. The most personal of these, my art, has often taken a backseat because it is really the one thing that is truly a selfish hobby.

But, without art, I am lost.

I used to be fixed on the idea that I needed to be in a dedicated studio space for my best creations to come alive. My bedroom used to be my studio, that just happened to have a bed in it. I very rarely now actually sit in front of the easel for hours, I don’t have a dedicated drawing desk. But as long as I find time here and there, I don’t lose my mind in unreleased imagery.


Lately my inspiration has come from odd places. A lot of my work in my early years of taking drawing and painting seriously was based on dreams. Now I pull ideas from books (like reference ones, not even fictional types), tabletop games, and those (often) stupid e-card images that manage to make their way on to your Facebook news feed.

My biggest issue is generally finding time. Once I find the idea within myself, I tend to be short on time to make it happen, but that has begun to turn around lately. To my readers who are only interested in my gaming updates, you are welcome to skip these posts, but I am aiming to post at least 3 blogs a month just for what I’ve been up to (or slacking on) artistically.

But never fear. A lot of my art involves gaming, and its accelerating quickly in that direction.




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