Trying To Make Sense Of Battlestar Galactica


If you haven’t watched the series in its entirety, then I must warn you that this post contains *~*~*~*SPOILERS*~*~*~*

I walked away from the final episode of Battlestar Galactica conflicted. I was sad, happy, angry, confused, comforted, and distressed. While things wrapped up somewhat similarly to how I thought they would, there was still so much left in the air. I nervously ventured into places such as Reddit’s /r/BSG looking for answers, only to find possible solutions that I didn’t agree with or people just as confused as me.

I finished the series a couple months ago, and its been rolling around in the back of my head since then, but has been at the forefront of my mind’s wanderings lately, including on my walk this morning. I came up with a possible solution, maybe one that I don’t commit myself to believing fully, but it has me not so desperately reaching for answers. So, I will try to break this down a little bit.

If you don’t want to see SPOILERS, you need to stop here.

Gaius Baltar and Caprica Six


Things were crazy enough when Gaius began to see Caprica Six everywhere he went, his own little sexy secret. Even though many ideas she put in his head seemed the worst thing to do at the time, looking back on it after seeing the series as a whole I can see that it was just leading the crew where they needed to be, in the right mentality they needed to be at. When Six began seeing Gaius, though, a resounding “WHAT THE FRAK?!?” was heard throughout the house.


At the end of it all, you see these “ascended” Gaius and Caprica Six contemplating humanity’s fate with mentions of it all happening again, and they walk off. Several speculations are that Gaius and Caprica Six are angels sent by God to direct humans to Earth and beyond. My theories will begin here with a mix of religion and science-y stuff. These two being angels doesn’t explain why there are physical versions of them in the “real” world, so I went to work.

I think that in Battlestar Galactica, there is a work of a supreme being at force, but there are also various planes of existence, ones that are created when a point in time is disrupted, whether it be a major event or something minor. If you are familiar with Back to the Future, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, shame on you, go watch this and come back.

In the case of Gaius and Six, I believe that in a scene way before events that we see, this supreme being calls upon these two and tasks them with guiding humanity’s current situation to a new beginning. I believe that at this meeting, there is conflict inside the two. At this point, two time lines begin. One where they accept the task and appear to their counterparts at various points to guide them to their destiny (while fulfilling their original tasks at the same time), and another where they are perhaps not given a choice, but have all awareness of the task erased from their memories and set on their same destiny paths but in human and Cylon form.

These planes and others created later on do have their moments where they touch and even coincide for long or short periods of time, but on their own are separate entities.

Still with me?

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace’s Death


I was nearly inconsolable the night that we watched this episode. How could they kill her off like that? I was angry and heartbroken. If my need for answers had been less severe, I may have stopped watching the show, but I continued.

When Kara just shows up a little later, my first thought (as was many fans’) was “CYLON! NO!” which made me even angrier. I was distraught over this show. As more time went on my friends who had seen it would neither confirm nor deny my fears which just made it even worse. When the Final Five were revealed and she was not among them, I was so relieved. But then, if she is not Cylon…what the frak is she? The questions only became louder when Kara comes across her rotting corpse and destroyed Viper on the Earth she leads the crew to.

Revert back to our timeline theory. In the moment that Lee Adama sees Kara’s Viper explode on impact, another plane intersects. This event creates a crack in planes, and Kara’s acceptance of her destiny in that moment cause two versions of herself to enter this plane. One version of herself, the now-dead Kara hurdles through space and crash-lands. The other one opens her eyes to find her vessel safe, without knowledge of how she did not crash. Soon she finds Earth, takes her photos, and searches for Galactica. This crack in the planes made navigation difficult and caused a time disruption, which is why its been months for Galactica and not for Kara.

Starbuck’s Disappearance on Earth


I keep telling you all that I don’t cry that much, well I frakking lie. So, we find the crew, in harmony with the Cylons, arrive to earth at the very beginnings of what the general public knows as primitive humanity. Many things happen here that just mercilessly beat on my feelings. One of my favorite characters, Laura Roslin, meets her end in the most beautiful way I could imagine. Bill Adama cries and memorializes her. Sanders erases the evidence of the fleet, families formed on Galactica are spread across the planet and are finally given the chance to lead normal lives. And then, Lee and Kara have a heartfelt chat. Just seeing that photo again makes me tear up.

I was so hopeful that they would finally be together. The Rachel and Ross of this story, finally finding their way back to each other and live happily ever after. But I was so very wrong. Making some peace with the events of the past, Lee turns around and finds that Kara is just…gone. With no explanation.

(You can scroll back up to the Picard meme now if you wish for a visual)

Now that things are as they were meant to be and all destinies had been fulfilled, I believe that in the moment that Lee looks away, the same crack that occurred at Kara’s “death” opens again. The alternate reality where Kara lives closes as her destiny has been reached, and this plane closes as though it never existed. Kara’s disappearance represents the fact that on this plane, Kara really did die. She would not have physically touched Earth as we know it in a living form.

So, is Kara an angel? I don’t think so. I just think that she had more to do beyond her death scene. Think of it as a second chance to make things right. As she came to terms with her role as she was about to die, the supreme being felt otherwise, and opened this crack in the parallel planes of reality, allowing her another chance to finish her job.


Battlestar Galactica is frakking confusing and there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that wasn’t really made clear. While I can appreciate this since so many people have come up with their own explanations, it would be nice to know how it was intended.

Despite this, I loved the series and am going to be starting it over again sometime this week. I’ve watched a lot of shows but this one is by far my favorite. I felt as though I were there, Kara was my sister, Laura was my role model, Bill was a father figure, and the rest were family somehow.

I’m sure that one of my readers may bring up a point to completely negate my theories, in which case it is just back to the drawing board, but I’d love to hear thoughts, whether they be ideas about my crazy conclusion or your own. So, what do you think?


One thought on “Trying To Make Sense Of Battlestar Galactica

  1. I am always referring to this show for the rich cosmology it presents. I just happened across this page when I was looking for the BSG meme ‘All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again’. A trivial argument that keeps annoying me is the threat of the 2ND COMING that so many Jesus types keep using in a “wait till yo daddy gets home” sort of fashion. I just saw this link that goes deeper into the essence of the series too. Enjoy


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