I Drew A Cat Because Reasons

Hey, so, art and things.

I’ve been stalking reading a lot of art blogs and watching some stuff on Youtube that has helped me with some creativity as of late, and I’ve been sketching more again. The result of today’s doodles is this :


…because I like cats.

Other endeavors this week include assembling the miniatures that came with my newly arrived Puppet Wars : Unstitched. This game looks so frakking cool, and if you’re into minis games you need to be aware of this. Bringing dolls to life with animation magic and fighting for puppet supremacy? FRAK YEAH. Although the pieces are making me curse everything little and tiny as they stab my fingers and I fight to make them fit together. I will certainly be waiting to paint these until after I’ve played and reviewed it. I’ll share photos of these once I assemble the rest.

AND HEY. I’m facing my fears of being on camera (if you’ve seen my video reviews for Initiative : Tabletop you’ll know I’m awkward as shit on camera). I’m “restarting” my vlog channel with WHATEVER I want to put on it. The video quality of my latest video sucks, but you should go watch it anyways. Kae’s Youtube channel of nonsensical shtuff.



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