Welcome To The Party, Confidence


Spending time on Youtube interacting with the vlogging community has done amazing things for me so far. We are only 8 days in, and I feel that my confidence is growing. I’m doing less outtakes because I’m not staring blankly at the camera as much anymore, and I think I’m finally getting over my camera phobia. You wouldn’t guess it from this week but I think that this guided approach to vlogging has helped me considerably.

I am confident in some things, especially in matters that are dear to me. But in some things I am still not confident in, at least not all the time. That includes my art, and my ability to approach new things.

I feel that this is changing.

I do feel that I owe this new-found confidence to the wonderful people I’ve met through VEDA. Some have touched me up and above others, and I’m discovering and appreciating things about people I already knew through the project as well. Hearing about the lives of people who are willing to share their stories with the world, whether serious or funny, makes me smile so much. It makes me sad that it only happens daily for a month or two per year.

I frakking love these people’s faces, and I feel that this may inspire big things for me.



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