Gen Con Is So Close, I Can Taste It



I’ve been so anxious for Gen Con and have been anticipating going since we left the exhibit halls last year. It seemed like it was so very far away but we leave tomorrow evening for Indianapolis! Going as press representing Initiative : Tabletop and I couldn’t be happier. I’m looking forward to meeting some game designers and big names in the tabletop world.

We are rooming with Lauren, and will be doing some business-y type stuff with Christina and Jacob, who have recently joined the I:T family on the media side of things. We are hoping to possibly expand our writer base soon, and possibly talk to some potential writers this weekend.

AHHHH I’m just excited! To meet other gamers, play games, talk to developers and publishers, and just bask in the awe of the tabletop community.

I won’t be leaving VEDA behind, though, and while today’s video was late, I’ve kept up with it so far. I don’t know if I will stop when its officially over. I may not do daily videos but I think I will keep up with vlogging, because it is fun and I have made some awesome (and ridiculous) friends via this project.

That’s it for today, I will try to post an update or two while I’m there, otherwise I’m sure you’ll see a recap post. Keep your eyes on I:T, I:T’s twitter, and my personal twitter (if you’re brave).



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