Something I Never Thought I’d Do : 5K

5k_1I’ve been making slow, but noticeable, steps towards a healthier lifestyle and being happier from the inside out. When I started this, I began exercising more, and this included a lot of walking. I found a lot of blogs by inspirational people that had lost tons of weight and were either still on their journey or on maintenance.

One of my favorites is a woman named Katie, and her blog is Runs For Cookies. I watched her transformation video and I said “I want that. I want that declaration of change and hope. I want that progress.” And I read her story and started following her blog. Around that time I made a decision.

I’d participate – whether walking or running – in a 5k before my 25th birthday.

My only option (without driving far or spending a LOT of money) was the Jill Behrman Color the Campus 5k. Which took place yesterday, October 12th. My birthday is today (October 13th). A day before still counts, right? Yes, yes it does.

I was number 1213, and I was happy to have my lucky number “13”.

5k_2A couple friends went with me, both of which are big inspirations to me, as they’ve both lost around 60lbs in the last 9 months, and I was proud to walk with them. There was a warm-up “party” in the beginning, which was pretty much a giant outdoor dance party. I danced because everyone else did and we all looked ridiculous!

Color runs always appealed to me, because, well, why wouldn’t it?

I did walk most of it, but I started off running, I ran through each color station, around a few corners, and across the finish line. My final time was about 50 minutes, which is better than my normal walk times, but I was booking it when I wasn’t running.

5k_3I realized at the 1 mile marker that I had made a sore mistake in wearing the wrong type of socks, as my feet already began to give me problems. My legs were all “YEAH LET’S FRAKKING DO THIS” while my feet cried in agony. Note for next time…

Despite the blisters that I knew were developing, I pressed on, keeping in mind that I had made a commitment to this, and so many people were supportive of me, I couldn’t give up or take the shortcut back to my car. I thought about it, though. All of the cheesy inspirational quotes I’ve seen on Pinterest over the last 4 months kept coming to mind every time I had one of those thoughts, though.

5k_4It as a downhill grade to the finish line, and I ran it happily, if only to be finished. One of my friends had hurt her ankle at the 2 mile marker, so once I crossed, I ran back with my other friend to go back for her and walk her across.

Afterwards there were extra color packets and there were colored dust clouds everywhere! It was so much fun. We took a lot of photos and took the time to catch our breaths before heading home. (Note : you will scrub your skin raw trying to get that stuff off your skin – it seeped through the shirt and stained my entire body!)

I am so glad that I did it. I committed to it and came through on it. I wore an XL this year, and my goal is to be in a medium next year. I can make that happen. And maybe even be brave enough to wear shorts…because those long pants were HOT!




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