Miniatures I’ve Been Working On Lately – Cryx and some Scyrah

Due to the recent happenings insanity in my life, I’ve not had a lot of time to dedicate to my miniature painting. At least enough time to assemble, paint, and base in a timely fashion.

My husband has been making significant progress on his Cryx army, and I felt that as the original Cryx player of the household that I was falling behind. While I’ve not spent nearly as much time with a paintbrush to figure as he has over the last few weeks, I am happy with my progress.

I finished assembling my Harrower, and took some pieces of a broken Menoth warjack that I bought at an auction earlier in the year to accent the base. Yes, yes I did break these off and paint them up just to make them look corroded and broken under the Harrower.

There’s a photo of my odd Retribution of Scyrah paint scheme. I’m so over this army though. Its not perfect but it is going to stay as it is, as it won’t be my primary group.

Next up is a Warwitch Siren, standing on top of some rocks with bubbling green ooze seeping up to her. Or, down from her. Maybe we’ll never know.

And lastly is my lovely little Skarlock Thrall. I really enjoyed painting him, though I don’t know what it was about him that I liked so much more than other models I’ve painted recently. Gluing him was a major pain in my ass.

I still have a lot on my list of miniatures to paint. I have the new figures for the Mice and Mystics : Heart of Glorm expansion, The Hobbit Strategy Game, Puppet Wars : Unstitched, plus a set of Legion of Everblight archers and some Circle Orboros stuff. Yeesh.



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