The January Cure, and Because I Said I Would

I saw a challenge on a site that I frequent last year, but wasn’t in a place where I could really dedicate myself to it. This year, among other things, I am trying to learn to stick to various commitments, and I decided that Apartment Therapy’s The January Cure was one of them.


The assignment for day one was to compose a list of areas of your home that need to be targeted. So, I went about doing just that. I don’t know what future days hold, but I hope to stick with it to see. I’m not sure that I’ll be Liveblogging the entire experience, but I may post updates every few days amongst my other blog posts. Even if I can’t accomplish all of these (mainly the ones requiring finances) in January, I hope to do them in the first few months of the year.

In efforts to continue sticking to my word on projects, I’ve decided to do my own version of Because I Said I Would. I began following this Youtube series soon after it began and instantly loved the idea. My mother started printing out cards, and while I don’t have them yet, I’m choosing my first week’s assignment, and I hope to update here with my weekly posts afterwards. A friend of mine, Caitlyn, has embarked on her own project called “Shoot or Be Shot” (which you should check out. I’ll wait here.), and I felt that a year long project was something that would do me some good.

My first week will be to sketch out at least 5 paintings and/or drawings that I’d like to accomplish in 2014. These may range from small pencil drawings to large canvas work.



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