BISIW Week 2, and January Cure Thoughts

Hello, everyone! This week ended up being more chaotic than I expected, and I was unable to do a blog post a day as I originally hoped. I am sticking to it, however, by posting them all today. I also realize that this is technically a week late, but I have a good excuse, which I’ll address after the art!

So, my ‘because I said I would’ card was to show 7 pieces of art that I’ve not shown others before.

I used to draw a lot of anthro art, and I represented myself through a character that became her own entity, named XD. I was briefly going to try to do a comic and was trying to pen 10-20 pages of backup before I published it. However, I halted at page 3 and acknowledged I didn’t have what it took to do a comic. This was the cover for the first chapter of the comic that never was.

Next up was the result of a depressed phase that was taking me a long time to get out of. The eye was meant to represent seeing a way out, but everything else was so distracting.

The third was one of my first self portraits when I was in my “use-ink-only-for-everything” phase. I remember standing in front of a mirror for this one. Clearly I wasn’t very happy, haha.

The fourth is a sketch I was working on for a painting I wanted to call “Heartstrings”. I never did it, but seeing it with new eyes makes me think that it might end up on my easel sometime this year!

Piece number 5 was a graphite portrait of Marilyn Manson that I was working on. I was really proud of where it was going, then one day while I was at work, it must’ve fallen down while my cats ran around like idiots, and it is now covered in cat claw holes. I never completed it but I kept it because it was huge and throwing it away would’ve bugged me too much.

The sixth piece is a sketch of an idea that just popped in my head. I don’t remember having nightmares around the time this was done. Although, I hadn’t dreamed in ages after a long streak of nightmares, and this could’ve been a subconscious reminder.

And the last piece was one of my first art pieces that I did once I felt that I should aim to do art professionally. I believe I was 10 when I did this. It is a recreation of P.O.D.’s Snuff the Punk album cover.

NOW – My excuse for not posting this last night!

The assignment for yesterday was to take a media fast. No phone, no tablet, no laptop, no TV, etc. I actually found part of the night difficult as I ended up pacing and looking for things to do, but I did manage to turn my stuff off at 5 and not turn them on until this morning. Because of this, I didn’t make an update. However, I did enjoy the time not staring at a digital screen.

Next week’s card : Finish my son’s baby book!




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