BISIW Week 3 – Finishing My Son’s Baby Book

So, I’m not sharing photos because some the written portions of the baby book are a bit too personal, but save for a few photos that I was unable to print out due to financial restrictions, his baby book is done! Its about time…seeing as he’s almost 2 1/2.

Next week’s promise is to write a letter to a friend and mail it.

This may sound pretty simple and you may be like “Kae, seriously? This is something you have to commit like this to do?” Yeah, seriously, it is. We’re in a world where media is the best form of communication. I’m smart enough to still mail thank you cards to my grandparents, but I don’t just write anymore. My promise is to choose one friend that I haven’t spoken with in a while, or one I’ve never written to, and mail a letter, even if its a simple “Hey, I’m thinking about you and we should catch up” with a silly doodle. My HOPE is that I will actually fulfill this promise by exceeding the goal of one letter, by sending out a handful.




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