An Open Letter To A Rude Individual


To the teenager that found it necessary to make rude comments about my weight,

As you giggled and pointed, making the fact that I am overweight the brunt of your afternoon hatred, I only felt pity for you. If my self esteem was worse, your words would have hurt my feelings. But something that you clearly haven’t considered is that I’m well aware that I’m a larger woman. All I could do, though, was smile at you, and turn away.

Want to know why? I’m on a larger journey than my body’s current state. You don’t know that I’ve already lost 20lbs, and am continuing to lose. You don’t know where I started, what I looked like at my biggest, or that I have a decent acceptance and love for my body as it is now, as I will in every stage of my life.

Want to know something else? I have a family that I’m working for, and my line of work just happened to be serving you and toasting your precious bagel. My husband? He loves my hips and the way they sway when I walk. He loves my legs, and the strong woman they support. Even if I was your size, I’m 20x the woman you’ll ever hope to be.

Its quite a self-reflection when pointing out someone else’s body structure makes you feel empowered. Maybe its just because you’re still ignorant, but I can only hope that you grow out of this stage, though I fear you won’t. I hope that your parents would be mortified if they witnessed your behavior today, because if they didn’t, I feel even more pity for you, as you’ve come from a family of hate.

What it comes down to is that I can shed my weight. However, you will find it near impossible to grow out of that sad little thing you call a personality 🙂

Good luck in life, signed sincerely,
A woman who knows she is worth more than her body.


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To A Rude Individual

  1. Excellent! Good for you, this is a form of bullying and should not be tolerated and I’m glad you didn’t give them the reaction they probably dreamed of. Congratulations on losing 20lbs! excellent effort


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