A New Journey In Health

I know that I have readers that may not care, but I just wanted to share this, even if its just as a reminder for myself.

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to give the Paleo eating method a shot. One benefit is for my weight loss, but the other is just to cut out a good chunk of the processed food. I approached it cautiously, making the choice that I’d commit to doing 80% paleo, giving myself some wiggle room of 20%.

paleo pyramid

In the beginning, I found myself stressing out immediately about some things.

No milk? (I like almond milk more anyways, so maybe not so bad…)
No yogurt?? (I love me some greek yogurt.)NO CHEESE???? (For the love of all that’s good my family is from Wisconsin! Seriously??)
No wheat/bread/pasta? (What DOESN’T have wheat in it??)

Among other things…

I’ve read enough about how supposedly humans aren’t meant to consume milk past infancy, and while it will take some getting used to, I understand the logic there. I’ve also seen plenty of evidence about how wheat causes inflammation. I even have a minor (very minor) gluten allergy, so that’s probably a good thing to reduce, anyway.

So, in the first few days I found that I (kinda) wanted those things, but I stepped back and thought “how can I enjoy this food, but in a simpler way?”, and I started making changes. A BLT became more of a salad with mashed avocado as a dressing, lettuce wraps held my sammiches together, etc.

Have I had some non-Paleo things? Of course. I’ve used soy sauce here and there and ate a chocolate mint cookie from my work a few nights ago. But I haven’t felt bloated in 2 weeks. I feel fuller longer. I feel better about what I’m eating. And the best part? I’ve lost weight already. I think this is something I can maintain, which is something I’ve been searching for for YEARS.

I’ve enjoyed the meals I’ve made and recipes I’ve tweaked to put a Paleo twist on, and I hope this is something that will continue, because I am LOVING the way I feel right now. More than I can put into words.


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