A Light At The End of the Tunnel and Aspirations

It has been a while since my last update, but a lot has been going on.

Since my last post, we put our house on the market, dealt with many showings and moving pets, and have sold the house! In that timeframe, my parents also took a trip out to Texas to do some house-hunting, and settled on and bought a house. Everything is lining up, and I’m glad to finally have some dates to look forward to. We take possession of the house on August 4th, and Raine and I should arrive in Texas sometime on August 19th, right after Gen Con.

moving day

So, needless to say, things have been very chaotic. I’m working, Raine is enjoying some time as a stay-at-home-dad for the first time since Tobias was born, and we are still pushing forward with Initiative : Tabletop. Yeesh!

I’m excited and anxious to move, because I hate the feeling of being in limbo. I am putting a lot of energy into focusing on savoring the time I have left with friends instead of being sad about it. I don’t want to say goodbye to these people, just that I’ll see them down the road.

The prospect of returning to life as a stay-at-home-mom is both thrilling and scary. I’m kind of in the groove of working now, but I so miss spending time at home with my son. I’m 95% sure I’m going to attempt to homeschool/unschool my kid, and I know that it takes a lot of time, effort, and it has to start sooner than later. I hope to provide so much for him, and maybe its that idea of the “perfect mom”, but I do worry that I’ll fall short. I’m trying to focus on  providing him with the best I can do, rather than strive for goals I may never reach.

Would I like to feed him a primal diet and keep refined sugars and such out of his system? Of course.
Give him all of my focus and attention? Yes.
Have a perfect schooling experience and feel confident in my ability to teach him what he needs in life? I think everyone who decides to do this does.

I do aspire to give him the best chance possible and raise him in a way that is healthy in all aspects. I have to remember that no moms are perfect, only capable of giving it all they got. And that’s what I -want- to do.



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