Texas, Y’all

FASTFORWARD through nearly a month living with a friend and being separated from our family, we go to Indianapolis for Gen Con (woo hoo!) and made the long drive down to Texas, and here we are.

Experience so far? Pretty darn good. Its hot (go figure), the spiders here are huge (but they’re harmless to people…I’ll let them slide as long as they stay out of the house), the people are really nice, and….a very small percentage of our belongings arrived on the first truck. In theory, the rest of our things will arrive next week, and we hope to get the office set back up, among other things.


I’ve been eating better since we got here, and I’m feeling really good. We are going to a small board game meetup group on Monday to play some games and meet some folks. On Wednesday, I’m taking little man to a local library that has preschool story hour. And in a couple of weeks, we’ll be having a party for our little man’s 3rd birthday! Hopefully, some friends of ours that moved down to Texas a couple of years ago can make it. I miss them so much, and I know her little girl will have a great time with my boy!

Things I like most : the pond that is full of catfish…and I keep thinking about how tasty they’ll be once they’re being grilled. I enjoy that even though it is hot, it is a dry heat and that there is almost always a light breeze, which certainly makes it more tolerable. I really like the house we’re in, and things are coming along nicely so far as we try to put ourselves back together with jobs and building back up.

I’m excited to start gardening, as well as crafting. I can’t wait for the rest of my stuff to get here so that I can get back to doing artsy things. I have so many things planned for Tobias to start some preschool activities with him. We’ve already had the chance to do some fun learning activities now that I’m not working, and I’m loving being back with him.

I’ve got some work to do today, but I promise an update sooner than the last one!



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