B.A.L.O.G. – Practice, Practice, Practice

Most of my friends know that while I’d love to say that my best work is digital, they also know that I only recently convinced the tablet to quit hating my guts.

My husband has been asking me to make this logo for him and his buddies for a year now. I finally put it on my to-do list and sat down to do it last night. I’m really happy with the results, and grateful to a lot of people who uploaded some how-to videos on Photoshop.

balog wip 2I posted a couple of teaser screenshots on social media yesterday. This was the first one that gave anyone an idea of where the piece was going and I got a few laughs out of it.

Here is the final piece : The official logo for the Bad A** League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

BALOG white backgroundI don’t know what they’re using it for. But I am not a gentlemen so I suppose that their business is their own!



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