cropped-photo-on-2012-06-05-at-17-12.jpgI am a 20-something chick living in Bloomington, Indiana. I have a small family, a couple of cats, and a wide range of interests. I grew up in a Navy household, so I’ve lived all over the place, and traveled a lot in between. I’m making a feeble attempt to learn Italian and sign language.



I apprenticed for tattooing at a young age, and had been tattooing for a year by age 18. I have been tattooing since 2005 and have loved every moment of it. I believe that no artist, in any form, is ever done learning : this is the part of this industry that I love the most. That, and the interesting assortment of people I get to interact with.Karma of Action

The beginnings of my art career were mainly involving graphite, charcoal, and pen/ink. I was insecure in my knowledge of color, which made painting nearly impossible for me. During a brief period of unemployment, I decided to use my “free time” to get a better grasp on color, in which I played with many mediums. From this, I discovered my love for painting. While I still prefer acrylics, I dabble in watercolor and oil when the mood strikes me.

I’m not afraid to try any medium, and I’ve been known to play with jewelry, ink, small clay sculpture work, pastels (both dry and oil), etc. Something crafty? Yeah, I’ll give it a shot. Candle making, soap making, signage, stained glass, murals, anything you throw at me, I’m willing to give an honest try. Because who knows, it might be my next favorite thing.


My gaming exposure was a nurtured a little later in life than I wish it had, but it escalated. Quickly. Upon meeting my husband, my world opened up to an endless opportunity to get lost in someone else’s creative world.

I picked up some console games that I enjoyed quite a bit. Gears of War, Portal, Portal 2, Heavy Rain, Skyrim, and Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess are among my favorites. But no matter what, I’m always down for a good fighting game. I still enjoy mindless button smashing from time to time.

The next (welcomed) nail in my gaming coffin was PC gaming. World of Warcraft crossed into my radar, and there was no going back. I still love this game, to the point of going back to play the Warcraft RTS games and collecting history archives in order to learn more about the lore around this world. Although it took some kicking and screaming (and clawing and biting), my attention was turned from being WoW exclusive to Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, and of course other small mindless games. Plants vs. Zombies, for example. Get off my lawn.

While I loved these games, I still felt somehow out of place in the gaming world, and I felt that I hadn’t quite found “my thing”.

Suddenly, tabletop.

For The Love of Tabletop Gaming : Finished!Board games. Card games. Miniatures. RPG’s. These all came crashing into my life and I encouraged this acceleration. While I need to play a game multiple times to truly wrap my mind around it, I enjoy playing board games more than anything I’ve ever played. I felt more intellectually challenged, my strategy approaches have become sharper, and it has given a major boost to my creative side. The art involved with tabletop gaming pours over into so many types of fantasy art.

My  most recent interest has combined my love of gaming and art, miniatures. It is so much more time-consuming than I had imagined, but I enjoyed the overall process and I hope to gain a lot more experience as the years go on.


Things that make me happy include tea, sushi,  dice, Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings, book stores, minty anything, incense, game stores, cooking, sleeping, making strangers uncomfortable in public bathrooms, Battlestar Galactica, playing with my awesomesauce kid, and being with my supportive husband.
Things that make me want to kick (whatever you’d like to put here) include politics, ignorance, lack of understanding of basic Latin (specifically my gamertag), face-rolling WoW players, coconut anything, and bad tattoos.

TL;DR I make nifty things and I like games and stuff. 🙂



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